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Specialist consultations and diagnostics

Oral cavity examination

The dental check-up of the teeth includes oral cavity examination with the use of a dental microscope, which increases the accuracy of the examination. The doctor discusses the condition of the oral cavity and the therapeutic needs of the patient. The oral cavity examination is completed with written information for the patient.

100 - 150 zł
Specialist consultations

Consultation visits are an extremely important element of the treatment process. Good planning is the basis for successful treatment. We provide specialist consultations with experienced specialists in the field of orthodontics, prosthetics, periodontics, surgery, implantology and endodontics. The consultation includes oral cavity examination, photographic documentation, and discussion and presentation of a written treatment plan.

150 - 300 zł
Pantomographic photo

We have a modern digital radiography system ensuring safety and the highest quality image.

150 zł
Spot photo of the tooth 100 zł

Dental prophylaxis

First time hygiene visit

Hygienic visits at Atelier Uśmiechu are comprehensive teeth cleaning consisting in the removal of tartar and discoloration of the plaque, completed with a fluoridation treatment. An important element is the instruction in tooth brushing and the selection of individual oral hygiene accessories. Hygienization performed with the use of the most modern prophylaxis equipment in the world – EMS Master Profilaxis.

The experience of our hygienists makes the treatment pleasant and painless, and the patient is cared for comprehensively. For patients who become a routine every six months, we have an attractive price for cleaning their teeth.

400 zł
Regular hygiene visit 300 zł
Hygienic visit of the child 350 zł

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening Blanc One Click

A gentle refreshment of the color of the teeth, complementing the tooth cleaning procedure.

200 zł
Teeth whitening Blanc One Touch

Bleaching therapy based on teeth whitening with a special gel used only under the supervision of a hygienist, which is activated by an LED lamp. In a short time, during one visit, we obtain the effect of brightening the teeth.

950 zł
Teeth whitening White Dental Beauty

A treatment consisting in self-application by the patient of the prepared whitening gel to individual whitening splints for 14 days.

950 zł
Intensive whitening therapy - two-stage 1 500 zł
Intensive whitening therapy - three stages 2 500 zł

Conservative dentistry

Composite filling

The quality of the treatment is very important to us, so to do fillings we use a cofferdam, which provides isolation from saliva and ensures tightness, a dental microscope that ensures accuracy and a new generation of filling material of increased quality and aesthetics.

350 - 500 zł
Dental anesthesia

We use techniques and anesthetics that make visits painless and comfortable. Visits to the office will be a pleasure.

40 zł
Visit of the pain patient

A pain visit is a visit consisting of emergency help, the initial stage of tooth treatment. During the visit, an X-ray and anesthesia will be performed. If necessary, the patient will receive a prescription. We try to admit all pain patients on the same day.

350 zł

Children's dentistry

Adaptive visit

We look after our youngest patients in a special way. The extensive experience of our specialist in pediatric dentistry and her great approach to children is a guarantee of success. Treatment is carried out in a friendly atmosphere, and children return to the office with pleasure.

150 zł
Filling in a milk tooth 250 zł
Tooth sealing 150 zł
Fluoridation 150 zł
Amputation treatment of a milk tooth

When we have extensive caries in the milk tooth and it reaches the pulp, we undertake amputation treatment. It is an equivalent form of root canal treatment in adults. It is conditional treatment, but always if there is a chance, we try to keep the milk tooth until the end. Premature loss of deciduous teeth causes a number of complications in permanent dentition. Most often, there are two visits, and at the end of treatment, a filling should be placed.

300 zł


We carry out root canal treatment in our clinic according to global standards of endodontic treatment. We use a cofferdam, dental microscope and a warm gutta-percha system. The valuable treatment depends on the number of canals and whether the treatment is performed for the first time or whether it is an improvement of previously performed root canal treatment.

Primary root canal treatment using a microscope 900 - 1600 zł
Repeat root canal treatment using a microscope 1200 - 2 200 zł
Removal of a broken tool from the canal 500 zł
Use of Biodentin cement 500 zł


We specialize in advanced periodontictreatments. We have many years of experience in helping patients with periodontal and mucosal diseases

Periodontological consultation 300 zł
Periodontal control 150 zł
Closed curettage with deep SRP scaling 15-60 min. 200 - 600 zł
Fiberglass splint to immobilize 1 tooth 200 zł
Open curettage 1000 - 1500 zł
Flap operation without / with biomaterial 200 - 3500 zł
Plastic surgery of the frenulum of the lips and tongue 500 zł
Excision of the lesion / nodule / epiloma with histopathological examination 950 zł
Gingiva line correction / surgical extension of the tooth crown 700 zł
Enucleation of the stasis cyst 950 zł
Atrium deepening with FGG transplant 2 5000 zł
Covering gum recession with graft retrieval 2 000 - 3 000 zł
Corticotomy from 2 000 zł


We have extensive experience in comprehensive prosthetic treatment. The start of treatment is preceded by a thorough diagnosis and consultation visit, during which the doctor learns about the patient’s problems and expectations.

The patient receives an accurate treatment plan tailored to his needs, expectations and financial capabilities. The prosthodontist prepares a visualization of the effects of treatment, which consists in “fitting” a new smile by the patient.

We focus on the quality of treatment and very good aesthetics, which is why we work with the best dental laboratories in Poland.

Comprehensive prosthetic consultation with examination of the masticatory organ 250 zł
Prosthetic Inlay / Onlay 1 500 - 1 900 zł
Prosthetic crown 700 - 2 500 zł
Porcelain veneer 2 500 zł
Composite veneer / Bonding from 700 zł
Acrylic / skeleton denture 4000 zł
Crown-root inlay 700 zł
Functional and aesthetic diagnostic wax-up, digital wax-up, occlusion analysis 4 000 zł
Visualization of treatment effects - Digital Smile Design 350 zł
Relaxation splint 1500 zł


Orthodontic consultation

During the consultation visit, an initial analysis of the teeth setting will be carried out, full photographic documentation will be made. The doctor initially analyzes treatment options.

200 zł
Diagnostic models

Diagnostic models are made in digital 3D by scanning teeth.

200 zł
Orthodontic treatment plan

The visit consists in a detailed discussion of the entire treatment process and the stages of tooth movement. The patient discusses the end result and treatment goals. It is also possible to visualize the treatment effect. Learns the rules of using orthodontic appliances.

200 zł

Invisalign is a modern way of straightening teeth with transparent aligners. The overlays, adjusted to the teeth of a particular patient, gradually move the teeth. The treatment is more comfortable compared to braces glued to the teeth, the overlays are invisible. They are less painful to wear than traditional braces. The price covers the entire Invisalign treatment process and is divided into installments. The type of Invisalign package depends on the difficulty and complexity of the malocclusion. Each Invisalign package has a maximum number of aligners to use during treatment. The type of Invisalign package depends on the difficulty and complexity of the malocclusion.

Invisalign performs both minor adjustments to the position of the teeth, as well as we treat very large malocclusions.

6 000 zł
INVISALIGN First 11 000 zł
INVISALIGN Lite 13 000 zł
INVISALIGN Moderate 15 000 zł
Invisalign Comprehensive from 17 000 zł
Permanent retention

A special wire stabilizing the position of the front teeth, glued indirectly.

350 zł
Retention plate

A type of retainer made by a technician that stabilizes the effects of treatment.

700 zł
Retainer Vivera

Three-element retention system patented by Invisalign.

1 500 zł
Aemovable Appliance

In treatment with removable braces, the time of wearing the braces by the child is very important. We use several types of removable appliances depending on the needs of a small patient.

from 1 000 zł


Experienced doctors in the field of surgery carry out the most complex treatments. Using our services, you can be sure that the best specialists take care of you. Understanding the fear that often accompanies you, we ensure you comfort and well-being.

Implantological / surgical / orthognathic consultation 200 - 300 zł
Removal of a permanent tooth 350 zł
Removal of a milk tooth 250 zł
Retained tooth extraction 500 - 1 000 zł
Removal of the third molar "8" 500 - 1 000 zł
Surgical root removal 600 zł
Exposing an impacted tooth for orthodontic purposes from 600 zł
Plastic surgery of the alveolar process 250 zł
Incision and drainage of the abscess 200 zł
Root apex resection from 2000 zł
Undercutting/plasty of the frenulum of the lip 500 zł
Undercutting/plasty of the frenulum of the tongue 1500 zł
Frenulum cut in infants 500 zł


Placement of a dental implant 3 500 zł
The crown on the implant with the connector 2 500 - 3 500 zł
Raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus from 3 500 zł
Bone regeneration from 3 500 zł
Corticotomy from 2 000 zł


Each treatment in our clinic can be performed in Narcosis. We cooperate with an anaesthesiologist who plans the procedure and cares about the patient’s comfort and safety. We start treatment under anesthesia with a dental consultation to carefully plan the scope of the procedure and qualify the patient. During this visit, the patient receives detailed information about the course of anesthesia.

Treatment under anesthesia - analgosedation for up to 60 minutes. 1 500 zł
Treatment under anesthesia-analgosedation, each subsequent treatment started 30 min. 500 zł
Treatment under anesthesia with intubation for up to 60 minutes. 1 500 zł
Treatment under anesthesia with intubation, each subsequent treatment commenced 30 min. 700 zł

Physiotherapy of the temporomandibular joint

Physiotherapy is one of the elements of comprehensive dental treatment. Teeth are part of the entire masticatory system. The work of muscles and temporomandibular joints is very important. We work with a physiotherapist specializing in dentistry.

Visit to a physiotherapist 60 min 250 zł

Treatment of disorders of the temporomandibular joint

It is a very narrow and niche specialization of dentistry, there are few specialists in this field, and unfortunately, problems with temporomandibular joints affect more and more patients. Symptoms of problems with temporomandibular joints are teeth grinding, teeth clenching, crackling joints, jumping joints, headaches, spine aches, grinding and crumbling of teeth. Ignored, this disease has a very bad and huge, multifaceted impact on our body and teeth.

Consultation, diagnosis and examination of the masticatory system and cervical vertebrae Dr. Rafał Dębiński 250 zł
Deprogramming 250 - 1 250 zł
MAGO therapeutic splint 2500 zł
Improving the accuracy of work when using the facebow 100 zł
Arrangement of models in articulation after deprogramming 500 zł
Equilibration od 400 zł
Rail equilibration and control of TMJ treatment progress 200 zł


A neurologopeda specialist cooperates with many specialists in order to provide comprehensive care, e.g. a prosthetic doctor in the case of treating problems with tooth abrasion, bruxism with an orthodontist when the work of the tongue and muscles of the mouth floor causes malocclusion and incorrect movement of the teeth. Therapy with a neurologopedist is also necessary as preparation for the procedure of cutting the frenulum of the tongue.

First visit to a speech therapist with a comprehensive examination and diagnosis 75 min 300 zł
Therapeutic visit with a speech therapist 45 min 180 zł

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