Occlusion and Bruxism Treatment

Occlusion and Bruxism Treatment

Occlusion and treatment of bruxism in Atelier Uśmiechu

It would seem that the occlusion or treatment of bruxism are completely unrelated to dentistry, nothing more wrong, the occlusion is nothing but the contact of the upper teeth with the lower ones, or rather an occlusive disease, i.e. incorrect contact of the upper teeth with the lower ones. This leads to a number of irregularities in the functioning of the oral cavity.

The occlusion depends on 3 interacting factors, each of which is no less important, and they are:

  • tension of the muscles that connect the jaw to the mandible
  • position of the lower jaw in the temporomandibular joints,
  • the shape of the teeth and their position.

Bruxism belongs to parasomnia

Bruxism is nothing but “teeth grinding” at night. It belongs to parasomnia, or sleep disorder. We are often unaware of the problem affecting us.

Only the best specialists in the field of dentistry can make an accurate diagnosis and detect the disease, so if you suspect you have this type of disease, you should choose a clinic like Atelier Uśmiechu, where only eminent dentists focused on this type of disease are employed.

Symptoms of Bruxism

The characteristic symptoms of occlusive disease are:

  • above average tooth sensitivity,
  • frequent headaches that many of us mistakenly takes for migraine headaches,
  • teeth grinding during sleep; if your partner, household member or person you often spend time with tell you that he heard your teeth grinding while you sleep, don’t hesitate, it’s time to go to Atelier Uśmiechu,
  • cracks in the joints, i.e. the so-called noises of the jaw moving during the wide opening of the mouth, yawning.

Do not underestimate occlusion, bruxism. This would appear to be a trivial disease, but has a very negative impact on our health, and worst of all, untreated occlusive disease is getting worse each month.

Causes of occlusion

Psychiatric factors, such as severe stress, fatigue, neurosis, anxiety-triggering bruxism, as well as physiological and iatrogenic factors that result in earlier treatment may be responsible for occlusion problems. Most often it includes:

  • missing teeth that cause changes in the bite system; the front teeth can be overloaded, whic can cause their abnormal inclination forward, which results in lower bite,
  • erupting wisdom teeth – they can cause changes in the dental arches and lead to crowding of the teeth,
  • physiological tooth wear related to the patient’s age,
  • orthodontic defects,
  • incorrectly made denture or filling.

Treatment of occlusive disease

The treatment of occlusive disease is heterogeneous and requires an individual approach to the patient. So this is a long process. The first step is a thorough analysis and examination of the patient and the performance of specialized tests. Then the doctor can determine the cause of such a disorder and proceed to eliminate it, and then repair the damage caused. After applying the treatment, patients say they feel much more comfortable, sleep well and feel that their teeth are more compatible.

  • Agnieszka Peret

    Doctor of Dental Science

    The Medical Director of Atelier Uśmiechu Periodontology

    Graduate of Medical Academy of Warsaw. Raising her qualifications in periodontology has been her aim since the beginning of her professional work.


  • Katarzyna Kopciewska

    Doctor of Dental Science

    Conservative dentistry, Children dentistry

    Graduate of Dental Medicine Faculty in Medical University of Białystok. She has been an active member of Polish Association of Dental Students, in order to keep up to date with the latest dentistry trends.


  • Patrycja Ostapiuk - Dąbrowska

    Doctor of Dental Science

    Surgery, Implantology

    Graduate of Medical University of Warsaw. She took a 3rd place in Poland and 2nd in Warsaw Medical Chamber considering the best results of Dental Medical Exam LDEP.


  • Justyna Zub

    Doctor of Dental Science, Master of Science in Orthodontics


    She graduated from dental medicine faculty of Medical University of Lublin in 2010. She specializes in complex orthodontic treatment of children and adults.


  • Marek Rybicki

    Lekarz Stomatolog, lekarz medycyny, specjalista chirurgii twarzowo- szczękowej

    Surgery, Implantology

    Specializes in jaw and oral surgery, implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Graduate of Medical University of Warsaw, where he got a Doctor of Dental Science degree and a Doctor of Medicine degree.


  • Anita Walczak

    The owner of Atelier Uśmiechu

    Dental hygienist

    Dental hygienist with a large passion to her profession. The author of a book “Sztuka mycia zębów” (“The art of brushing teeth”) published by PZWL Wydawnictwo Lekarskie.


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      Warranties in Atelier Uśmiechu

      Our services’ standards are always the best quality, so that we can give our clients warranties to our treatments. Please, keep in mind, that the condition of your teeth after every treatment and the amount of time the perfect condition will last depends not only on us. After every treatment, you will get some pieces of advice and warranty’s rules.


      We give our 3-year warranty for all of the teeth fillings, provided that the patient would come to an appointment in Atelier Uśmiechu every 6 months


      We give our 3-year warranty for every primary root canal treatment; it does not apply to any secondary treatment


      We give our 3-year warranty for every case of prosthetic reconstruction and implants reconstruction


      Lifetime warranty for dental implants

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