Katarzyna Kopciewska Doctor of Dental Science Atelier Uśmiechu Warszaw Mokotów

Katarzyna Kopciewska


  • Conservative Dentistry
  • Children’s dentistry

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at the Medical University of Bialystok. Already during my studies I was an active member of the Polish Society of Stomatology Students to be able to keep up with the latest trends in the world of dentistry. After graduation, I did an internship in the USA, in Stamford learning the highest standards in the work of a dentist. There, I learned how to deal with the patient so that both the treatment procedure and anesthesia were carried out painlessly.

She tries to constantly take care of her own professional development by participating in numerous courses and conferences. At work, she specializes in restoring aesthetic teeth, where she puts special emphasis on performing a beautiful and faithful reconstruction of the natural shape of the tooth. All the treatments are performed under magnification which additionally increases their effectiveness. It is important for her to treat each patient individually, listening to his needs and to be able to achieve the common goal of a healthy, beautiful smile. She also derives great satisfaction from receiving the youngest patients with whom she always tries to establish a friendly relationship.

It is extremely important for her to tell children and their carers how crucial is early prevention and oral health care from an early age.

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Nieinwazyjna Likwidacja białych plam infiltracja próchnicy preparatem Icon - Katarzyna Kopciewska
Health Care Academy Odkryj tajemnicę doskonalej proporcji ze Style Italiano - Katarzyna Kopciewska
Odbudowy Kompozytowe Bezpieczna Droga do Przebudowy Zgryzu - Katarzyna Kopciewska
Akademia Kompozytu Moduł 1 - Katarzyna Kopciewska
STOMED Preparacja Zębów pod Korony i Mosty - Katarzyna Kopciewska
STOMED Praktyczny Kurs Wykonania Onlay Endokorony - Katarzyna Kopciewska
Dentomax Szkolenia Licówki - Katarzyna Kopciewska
VOCO Szynowanie Zębów - Katarzyna Kopciewska
Dental Day Pośrednie Uzupełnienie Kompozytowe - Katarzyna Kopciewska
Estetyczna i Funkcjonalna Odbudowa w Odcinku Bocznym - Katarzyna Kopciewska
Kurs Medyczny Quintessenz - Katarzyna Kopciewska
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