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Atelier Uśmiechu is a place for you and your needs. We are not only an amazing dental clinic. We focus on modernity, openness and uniqueness. We listen to our patients and meet their needs. We show modern solutions and possibilities. You can forget about the wire braces. Get to know Invisalign, a modern method of treating malocclusion using invisible, individually selected snap-on dentures. They can be easily and independently removed from the mouth for a meal, brushing your teeth or an important meeting.

Modern treatment - Invisalign

Invisible snap-on dentures are an ideal solution for people who value comfort and convenience as well as their own lifestyle. They will be great, among others for athletes, public figures and can also be used by children. They are made of thermoset silicone and are created individually for each patient and his needs. They ensure trouble-free hygiene and care. Invisalign is dedicated to people of all ages. In addition, it is possible to obtain a precise digital image of 3D teeth that will be used to develop a patient treatment plan.

Every patient can find out what his smile will look like before starting treatment. ClinCheck technology is used for this, thanks to which you can get a digital map of the entire course of treatment. We will work out a precise, personalized treatment plan for you. We will also consider the exact displacement of the teeth and the time needed for treatment. There is also a situation where the patient qualifies to change the snap-on dentures once a week instead of every two weeks. This will result in obtaining the desired smile even after 3 months, which is 50% faster than before!

The course of treatment

The Invisalign treatment process is very simple and at the same time technologically advanced. First of all, x-rays, digital scans and patient’s dental impressions are performed. Such documentation is the basis for creating a treatment plan. After this time, snap-on dentures are created individually for the patient, which he will have to wear every day and replace at home every 1-2 weeks. Appointments with a specialist occur every 6-8 weeks to monitor treatment progress and give new snap-on dentures. After the end of treatment, it is required to use a retention device that holds the teeth in a new position.

Invisalign for teens

Invisalign snap-on dentures improve teen smile with less pain and greater precision. It is possible to treat in such a short time as 6 months, changing the snap-on dentures once a week.

For teenagers and their active lives, the snap-on dentures have been enriched with additional features such as:

  • blue wear indicators, which slowly fade, enabling parents and physician to evaluate the time of using the snap-on dentures,
  • special elements that adapt to erupting permanent teeth,
  • six replacement covers in the event of loss

The snap-on dentures turn out to be an ideal solution because they are made of smooth, transparent plastic, practically invisible. Probably most people will not even notice that you put them on your teeth. So you can feel free, smile and not disturb everyday life.


  • Conservative Dentistry

    We specialize in tooth decay prevention and effective cavity treatments.


  • Prosthetics

    We offer you a wide range of modern solutions of lost teeth reconstruction in order to get stunning, natural effect.


  • Occlusion and Bruxism Treatment

    We solve every problem related to incorrect teeth and jaw positioning, jaw grinding and clenching.


  • Endodontics

    Modern root canal treatment is our specialty. We guarantee the highest quality of our treatments.


  • Periodontics

    We perform all kinds of teeth treatments and treatments preventing from dental diseases.


  • Children’s Dentistry

    The youngest patients are very important for us, so we provide dental care for children in every age, even the youngest ones.


  • Orthodontics

    We prevent and treat malocclusion of patients in every age. Straight teeth are a goal of our orthodontics.


  • Whitening

    Our whitening treatments are a safe way to obtain white teeth, even for the most demanding patients.


  • Dental Prevention

    We do our best to prevent the formation and development of teeth and gum diseases.


  • Surgery

    We perform painless surgeries at every level of complexity, taking special care of our patients’ comfort.


  • Implantology

    We have years of experience in setting implants and teeth prosthesis. We use only the safest, highest quality materials.


  • Implantoprosthetics

    In our clinic, it is possible to reconstruct the missing teeth using implants, for stability and sense of security in every day’s activities.



    • Agnieszka Peret

      Agnieszka Peret

      Doctor of Dental Science

      The Medical Director of Atelier Uśmiechu Periodontology

      Graduate of Medical Academy of Warsaw. Raising her qualifications in periodontology has been her aim since the beginning of her professional work.


    • Katarzyna Kopciewska

      Katarzyna Kopciewska

      Doctor of Dental Science

      Conservative dentistry, Children dentistry

      Graduate of Dental Medicine Faculty in Medical University of Białystok. She has been an active member of Polish Association of Dental Students, in order to keep up to date with the latest dentistry trends.


    • Patrycja Ostapiuk - Dąbrowska

      Patrycja Ostapiuk - Dąbrowska

      Doctor of Dental Science

      Surgery, Implantology

      Graduate of Medical University of Warsaw. She took a 3rd place in Poland and 2nd in Warsaw Medical Chamber considering the best results of Dental Medical Exam LDEP.


    • Justyna Zub

      Justyna Zub

      Doctor of Dental Science, Master of Science in Orthodontics


      She graduated from dental medicine faculty of Medical University of Lublin in 2010. She specializes in complex orthodontic treatment of children and adults.


    • Marek Rybicki

      Marek Rybicki

      Lekarz Stomatolog, lekarz medycyny, specjalista chirurgii twarzowo- szczękowej

      Surgery, Implantology

      Specializes in jaw and oral surgery, implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Graduate of Medical University of Warsaw, where he got a Doctor of Dental Science degree and a Doctor of Medicine degree.


    • Anita Walczak

      Anita Walczak

      The owner of Atelier Uśmiechu

      Dental hygienist

      Dental hygienist with a large passion to her profession. The author of a book “Sztuka mycia zębów” (“The art of brushing teeth”) published by PZWL Wydawnictwo Lekarskie.


      Warranties in Atelier Uśmiechu

      Our services’ standards are always the best quality, so that we can give our clients warranties to our treatments. Please, keep in mind, that the condition of your teeth after every treatment and the amount of time the perfect condition will last depends not only on us. After every treatment, you will get some pieces of advice and warranty’s rules.


      We give our 3-year warranty for all of the teeth fillings, provided that the patient would come to an appointment in Atelier Uśmiechu every 6 months


      We give our 3-year warranty for every primary root canal treatment; it does not apply to any secondary treatment


      We give our 3-year warranty for every case of prosthetic reconstruction and implants reconstruction


      Lifetime warranty for dental implants

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