Dental Prevention

Dental Prevention

Dental prophylaxis in Atelier Uśmiechu

There is nothing more wonderful than a beautiful smile, a happy face and a healthy look. Beautiful, wonderful white teeth don’t come out of nowhere. It is dental prophylaxis that allows us to keep a snow-white smile and feel confident. Prevention in both dentistry and in every area of life is the basis for proper functioning, also in the case of a beautiful smile.

We can learn it ourselves and develop proper habits to avoid frequent and expensive visits to dental offices at a later time. Prevention is nothing but counteracting, a kind of activities that we carry out systematically, which bring us the expected results and do not cause oral disease.

Daily oral hygiene

In the case of dental prophylaxis, its basis is regularity and diligent care of the oral cavity, regular tooth brushing and selection of a suitable brush, toothpaste or cleaning thread. Let’s not forget about the mouthwash. We often think that the oral hygiene accessories advertised on TV are suitable for us, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. Not everything that is beautiful and colorful is perfect and good for us. One visit to Atelier Uśmiechu in Mokotów is enough for our specialists to advise you what to use. You will see differences day by day if you start using the right “tools” in your oral hygiene. We will also teach you how to use them, how to brush, how to teach your children this habit, how to take care not to heal later.

How long should you brush your teeth? For a manual brush, the brushing time should be between 3 and 4 minutes. However, using an electric or sonic brush, 2 minutes is enough. Teeth are most effectively brushed with a round brush because it allows you to focus on cleaning the surface of one tooth. You should brush your teeth in a sweeping and not scrubbing way. Unfortunately, adults very often press the brush too much, causing harm to their teeth. Let’s remember that no, even the most expensive brush can replace the time spent and the right cleaning technique.

In addition to the brush, dental floss also plays a very important role. With its help, we can remove food debris from the space between the teeth. People who have prosthetic restorations or wear orthodontic braces should use specialized floss. It is best in this situation to go to a hygienist who will advise in all doubts and help choose the right preparations, taking into account the condition of the patient’s teeth and his preferences. On the other hand, toothpaste and mouthwash perform an auxiliary function. The whole cleaning consists in removing food debris from the teeth. The paste and liquid cause a slip and make this operation more enjoyable. In addition, the active ingredients reduce dentin sensitivity, the number of bacteria and support enamel reminarelization.

Systematic visits

Daily oral hygiene alone is not enough, systematic visits to Atelier Uśmiechu are the next stage of dental prophylaxis. We invite all our patients for visits every six months. This prevents the appearance of dental and periodontal diseases. During such a visit, the dentist makes a review of the oral cavity, if necessary he performs sandblasting, i.e. sediment removal, or scaling, i.e. tartar removal.

The most important goals of dental prophylaxis

Even the best treatment will not guarantee a beautiful smile if you don’t care for oral hygiene. Healthy, balanced nutrition, the use of fluoride-containing preparations and the abovementioned follow-up visits, at least once every six months are also extremely important.

What we will get thanks to such activities:

  • we keep our teeth all our lives,
  • we maintain proper masticatory functions,
  • we eliminate pain and discomfort associated with incorrect teeth, such as missing teeth or periodontal disease.

The role of fluoride in the prophylaxis

We recommend our patients to apply fluoride, especially after treatments such as calculus and plaque removal. This is a very important process because fluorine is a trace element that causes remineralization for dental caries. Then mineralization, or calcification occurs. In this case, the tooth remains free of plaque and is not exposed to acids that cause caries. In addition, fluoride has antibacterial properties, increases enamel resistance and blocks enamel dentine tubules.

How can we summarize dental prophylaxis?

  1. Prevention is better than cure
  2. The basis of dental prophylaxis are everyday activities that we do ourselves at home
  3. Systematics and skilful use of oral hygiene products
  4. Regular visits to Atelier Uśmiechu
  5. Following specialist’s recommendations
  6. The important role of fluoride in the prophylaxis


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    • Agnieszka Peret

      Agnieszka Peret

      Doctor of Dental Science

      The Medical Director of Atelier Uśmiechu Periodontology

      Graduate of Medical Academy of Warsaw. Raising her qualifications in periodontology has been her aim since the beginning of her professional work.


    • Katarzyna Kopciewska

      Katarzyna Kopciewska

      Doctor of Dental Science

      Conservative dentistry, Children dentistry

      Graduate of Dental Medicine Faculty in Medical University of Białystok. She has been an active member of Polish Association of Dental Students, in order to keep up to date with the latest dentistry trends.


    • Patrycja Ostapiuk - Dąbrowska

      Patrycja Ostapiuk - Dąbrowska

      Doctor of Dental Science

      Surgery, Implantology

      Graduate of Medical University of Warsaw. She took a 3rd place in Poland and 2nd in Warsaw Medical Chamber considering the best results of Dental Medical Exam LDEP.


    • Justyna Zub

      Justyna Zub

      Doctor of Dental Science, Master of Science in Orthodontics


      She graduated from dental medicine faculty of Medical University of Lublin in 2010. She specializes in complex orthodontic treatment of children and adults.


    • Marek Rybicki

      Marek Rybicki

      Lekarz Stomatolog, lekarz medycyny, specjalista chirurgii twarzowo- szczękowej

      Surgery, Implantology

      Specializes in jaw and oral surgery, implantology and oral and maxillofacial surgery. Graduate of Medical University of Warsaw, where he got a Doctor of Dental Science degree and a Doctor of Medicine degree.


    • Anita Walczak

      Anita Walczak

      The owner of Atelier Uśmiechu

      Dental hygienist

      Dental hygienist with a large passion to her profession. The author of a book “Sztuka mycia zębów” (“The art of brushing teeth”) published by PZWL Wydawnictwo Lekarskie.


      Warranties in Atelier Uśmiechu

      Our services’ standards are always the best quality, so that we can give our clients warranties to our treatments. Please, keep in mind, that the condition of your teeth after every treatment and the amount of time the perfect condition will last depends not only on us. After every treatment, you will get some pieces of advice and warranty’s rules.


      We give our 3-year warranty for all of the teeth fillings, provided that the patient would come to an appointment in Atelier Uśmiechu every 6 months


      We give our 3-year warranty for every primary root canal treatment; it does not apply to any secondary treatment


      We give our 3-year warranty for every case of prosthetic reconstruction and implants reconstruction


      Lifetime warranty for dental implants

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