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Marek Rybicki


  • Surgery
  • Implantology

Specialist in the field of maxillofacial surgery, implantology and orthognathics.

A graduate of the Medical University of Warsaw, where he obtained the title of dentist and medical doctor. He worked for many years as a senior assistant at the Department of Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Oral Surgery and Implantology at the Medical University of Warsaw. Participant of numerous internships in the field of craniofacial treatment and implantology. He deals with comprehensive planning of implant prosthetic and orthognathic therapies using three-dimensional techniques. Participant of many trainings and congresses in the country and abroad (France, Korea, Switzerland, Germany, USA, China) on implantology, treatment of craniofacial defects and reconstruction of the alveolar process. As he says about himself, motivation results from challenges – the more difficult the case, the more willingness to look for solutions. The most difficult cases are a real inspiration for him. He is an enthusiast of modern digital technologies, which he uses with passion in his daily work.

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