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Den. hyg. Anita Walczak
Den. hyg. Anna Drobkiewicz 

of a Dental Hygienist - pt. I

Professional patient hygiene

The training was conducted by Anita Walczak, a certified dental hygienist, author of the book “Sztuka mycia zębów” published by Wydawnictwo Lekarskie PZWL. The training is intended for people starting work in the profession of dental hygienist and preparing for independent work with the patient.

Classes are held in the form of workshops in the most modern training room in Poland. Each participant works with his equipment, materials, training school and phantom. During the training, participants conduct several times professional hygienization treatment and learn how to work with a scaler and a sandblaster.

Training dates: 12 – 13.10.2019
16 – 17.11.2019
30.11 – 01.12.2019
Price: 899 zł
Place: Atelier Uśmiechu
Kłobucka str. 8a
Number of participants: 8
More information and registration:
+48 783 821 842


1. Theoretical part

Day I 10:00 – 17:00

  • Periodontal anatomy
  • Etiopathogenesis of periodontal disease Subject and physical examination of the patient
  • Classification and diagnosis of periodontal disease
  • Periodontological indicators
  • Individual prevention protocol
  • Handling of different patient groups
  • Non-surgical methods of periodontal treatment
  • The use of lasers in the work of a hygienist
  • Doctor-patient-hygienist cooperation
  • Model of hygienization visit
2. Practical part

Day II 10:00 – 17:00

  • Carrying out a hygiene visit
  • Analysis of different patient cases

For whom

The training is addressed to hygienists working with the patient, who wants to broaden, update their knowledge. During my professional work I conducted over 10,000 hygienization visits. Based on such experience I share effective solutions regarding working with patients. During the training, participants perform hygienization under the guidance of a trainer. The price includes coffee breaks and dinner. Each participant receives a certificate. The number of places is limited, the order of registration decides.


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