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Den. hyg. Anita Walczak

of a Dental Hygienist - pt. III

Home prevention – effective oral hygiene instruction

The aim of the training is to review products for chemical and mechanical plaque control available on the market and to adapt to the needs of the patient.

You will learn how to motivate the patient to come back to you for the next visit and heal his teeth. The basis of the training will be practical exercises, work in groups.

Everything you will hear about, will be tested in practice. We will discuss brushing techniques, compare various devices and preparations. You will learn how to effectively communicate with the patient.

Training dates: 14.09.2019
30.11 – 01.12.2019
Training hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Price: 450 zł
Place: Atelier Uśmiechu
ul. Kłobucka 8a
Number of participants: 8
More information and registration:
+48 783 821 842

The price includes coffee breaks and dinner. Each participant receives a certificate. The number of places is limited, the order of registration decides.


1. Theoretical part

10:00 – 12:30

  • Patient motivation building
  • Principles of oral hygiene instruction
  • Oral hygiene indicators
  • Selection of appropriate articles for oral hygiene
  • Mechanical biofilm control
  • Chemical biofilm control
  • Psychological aspects of patient service
  • Difficult patient – how to deal with him?
2. Practical part

12:30 – 17:00

  • Mechanical biofilm control
  • Chemical biofilm control


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